Universidad UNIACC

UNIACC is a private University founded in 1981 (originally as a Technical Training Center), that gained its autonomy in 1999 and is accredited by the National Commission of Accreditation. UNIACC is currently part of the educational conglomerate Apollo Global Education Network.


UNIACC is leader in Undergraduate Programs linked to the Arts, Technology and Communication for film and television as a “storyteller” aficionados, as well as for those who nourish their spirit with beauty, who surprise, who speak out, who narrate, act, touch, those who laugh and make others laugh, and those who want to learn more and communicate it. For this purpose it provides its students with state-of-the-art technologies and teaching excellence.

Academic programs

Undergraduate: Com. Audio-Visual (specialties in Filmmaking – Television – Screenplay) Music & Sound / Multimedia Communication (specialties in Creative Art Direction  – Fashion and Trends – Interior Design and Decoration) / Theatre & Stage Communication  / Dance & Choreography / Architecture / Visual Arts & Photography / Graphic & Multimedia Design / Image Design (specialties in Animation and Special Effects – Internet and New Technologies) / Translation and Interpretation (Spanish – English) / Corporate Public Relations / Advertising / Journalism.

Undergraduate Adult Education in Social Communication (online) / Psychology (blended) / Commercial Engineering (Presential and online) / Computer Engineering (online) / BA in Social and Community Administration (online) / Law (Presential) / Architecture (Presential) / Journalism (Presential).

Postgraduate Int. Master’s Communication & Marketing – Mint (Presential and online) / Master’s in Communication and Technology Education for E-Learning (online) / Master’s in Psycho-Coaching (online) / Master’s in Computer Law (online) / Ph.D. in Communications (online).

Address: Av. Salvador 1200, Providencia. Santiago de Chile
Phone: 56-2-6406000
Fax: 56-2-6406200
Contact: Grace Agosin
Position: Director of International Relations
E-mail: grace.agosin@uniacc.cl
Phone: 56-2-6406152

Website: www.uniacc.cl