Valdivia hosts international glaciology conference

“Ice and Climate Change: A Southern Perspective” presents an invaluable opportunity to hold a global scientific debate.

Glaciology conference in Valdivia

Under the sponsorship of Fundación Imagen de Chile, the Valdivia Center for Scientific Studies (CECS) will hold an international glaciology conference on 1-3 February entitled “Ice and Climate Change: a Southern Perspective” VICC 2010.

The meeting, to be held in the capital of the Los Ríos Region will be attended by over 140 specialists from 22 countries and will present an invaluable opportunity to hold a global scientific debate on the latest progress made in understanding climate change, with special emphasis placed on the changes that are taking place in the world’s southern  hemisphere.

The activity will be the first specific encounter since December, when the United Nations organized the XV International Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, where those present will be able to exchange points of view on the conferences results so they can contribute from a scientific perspective to the international debate on glaciology and global warming.

The initiative has the support and co-sponsorship of the world’s most important scientific organizations in the area of glaciology: The Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) project of WRCP-IASC-SCAR, the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) of the IUGG, the Latin American Snow and Ice Work Group of the UNESCO International Hydrological Program (IHP-GTNH), the International Glaciology Society (IGS), APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists), and the US Embassy.

Diverse national scientific organizations will also be present as sponsors, such as the Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (Ceaza), the Conicyt and its Bicentenial Science and Techonology Program, the Center for Engineering and Innovation (CIN), the Milennium Science Initiative (ICM) and the Chilean Space Agency (ACE).

The conference agenda considers the following subjects:

– Cryospheric changes underway and their associated impacts on the Southern Hemisphere.
– Southern Hemisphere Climate: Variability vs. Trends.
– Remote sensors and geophysical techniques for cryospheric studies.
– Process modeling and assimilation of cryospheric data.
– Similarities and contrasts with the cryosphere and climate changes in the Northern Hemisphere.
– Detection and attributes of cryospheric processes.

A media accreditation form will be available online and media representatives must validate their accreditation on Monday 1 February between 09:30 and 10:00 at the conference facility on 541 Arturo Prat St. in Valdivia.

The conference will be held in English but will include simultaneous interpretation into Spanish. The media will be able to interact with the panelists at the places and times determined by the organizers so as not to interrupt work sessions.

The event will be broadcast live via a digital platform on the CECS website.