Valdivia screens Chile’s premiere film festival

The 20th edition of FICValdivia will include special guests, world premieres and the premiere of some unique documentaries that aim to capture the essence of Chile.


The capital of the Los Ríos Region and — increasingly — of Chilean cinema, Valdivia, is set to launch the 20th edition of the Valdivia International Film Festival (FICValdivia) this Monday.

And this year movie buffs are in for an additional, surprise treat.

FICValdivia is arguably the country’s premiere film festival, a six-day-long celebration of the best local and international cinematic talent and has a reputation for launching careers.

This year it will run from Monday, Oct. 7 to Sunday, Oct. 13 and screen over 150 audiovisual productions in a diverse array of categories, the most prominent being the “International Feature Film Competition,” the “Chilean Feature Film Competition” and the specially created “10+10=20” category, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of FICValdivia by screening the 10 essential Latin America films of the last two decades.

Among the ten films competing in the international competition, eight will be screened in Latin America for the first time, two of which will be world premieres: “Naomi Campbel” by Nicolás Videla and Camila José Donoso and “Volantín Cortao,” by Diego Ayala and Aníbal Jofré.

Invited guests to this year’s festival include well-known Israeli documentary maker Avi Mograbi, who will have five films screened, among them “Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi” and «Z32.»

Frenchman Alain Guiraudie — who won best director in the “Un Certain Regard” section of Cannes 2013 for his film “Stranger by the Lake” — will also have a five film cycle.

This year FICValdivia is offering an extra treat for lovers of the moving image: the official launch of the second set of video shorts produced for the Living Atlas Chile project by the Fundación Imagen de Chile.

Living Atlas Chile is a series of  mini-documentaries which tell moving, quirky, inspiring untold personal stories from the length and breadth of Chile — from fog catchers in the Atacama Desert to kite flyers in colorful Valparaíso to breakdancers in Valdivia.

Check out Living Atlas Chile’s interactive website here, and the full schedule for FICValdivia here.