Valparaiso Fine Arts Museum Restored

The initiative, which will cost US$ 135,000, seeks to further bolster the city’s tourist attractions

Museo Bellas Artes - Valparaíso
Museo Bellas Artes - Valparaíso

The restoration of the Fine Arts Museum, better known as the Palacio Baburizza, has begun with funds from the Urban Renewal and Development Program. The total investment for the facility’s remodeling is US$ 135,500.

The authorities toured the building, which houses 388 exhibition pieces, and highlighted the importance of the conservation, maintenance and reparation work that it is undergoing. The funds to carry out the remodeling work come directly from the regional Urban Renewal and Development Program.

For Regional Intendant Iván de la Maza, the restoration began with “getting the right people together to start getting things done. I am very happy for this building.” For his part, Mayor Jorge Castro said that he is “happy because we are fulfilling the promise of giving the city the gift of this news. This is good end-of-year news for Valparaiso.”

This stage corresponds to the second phase of the museum’s restoration. It will mainly be focused on resolving the problems caused by humidity, phytosanitary treatment, security in the electricity and water grids, repairing doors, windows, and ceilings, removal of rubble, and general cleanup.

The first stage of the project was previously carried out in August this year and included stabilizing the tower that was damaged in heavy storms. Once the second phase of the restoral planned for January 2010 is completed, a third and final stage of remodeling will begin with the opening of two new rooms and the repair of the painting “Sheep in the Snow,” in addition to restoring the gardens with their flowers and exotic plants.

The idea is to further bolster the tourist attractions in Valparaiso, a city that was declared a United Nations (UN) World Heritage Site in 2003. The Palacio Baburizza is expected to partially open in mid-2010.