Verónica Villarroel

Ranked among the best singers in the world, Villarroel sings Puccini and Armando Manzanero to select audiences and larger groups.

Versión en Español Verónica Villarroel

Born in Santiago,  Villarroel was admired for her voice from an early age in the school choir. She studied advertising after graduating from high school but she could not forget singing. She was offered a small role in La Boheme at the Santiago Opera House playing alongside diva Renata Scotto, who immediately became her musical godmother, opening the doors to New York where Villarroel’s sucess grew and grew. Another important supporter throughout her career is Plácido Domingo, sharing the stage with Villarroel on several occasions.

Her challenges and achievements include opening the opera season at the Washington Center and singing at the Royal Opera House. She has also played unforgettable roles in Verdi’s Il Trovatore, and Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.

In addition to the glamour and elite audience surrounding the international opera scene, Verónica Villarroel has extended her appeal to wider audiences. She recently recorded the album “Cuando estoy contigo” with popular music, mainly love songs by popular songwriters such as Armando Manzanero, Roberto Carlos and César Isella, among others.

Her acid test for this new facet was the 2009 Viña del Mar International Song Festival, where she was warmly applauded and given the audience awards: the silver torch, the golden torch and the silver seagull. The experience was successful, but the performer combines the two facets without abandoning her roles in the finest opera houses of the world.

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