Virtual ‘Art Map’ pinpoints art exhibits in Chile’s capital

A dynamic new cultural resource in Santiago makes finding great art even easier, with information about lesser-known exhibits in the capital’s more-stylish corners.


In celebration of the Visual Arts and New Media Week and as an invitation to tourists and locals to further explore the visual arts offerings in Santiago, the National Council on Culture and Arts (CNCA) launched a digital Art Map last week, available for free on their website.

The map breaks the capital city into six cultural hotspots: Western Santiago, Downtown, Bellas Artes-Lastarria, Barrio Italia, Providencia and Las Condes-Vitacura.

Right now, the map is only available online but the first 3,000 copies should be coming off the press any minute. The CNCA told local paper La Tercera that they will stay in contact with new art venues and continue to incorporate new locations into the cultural map every four months.

This trimester, for example, the map includes well-publicized exhibits like the Edgar Degas sculptures that arrived at the national fine arts museum, Museo Bellas Artes (number 16) as well as smaller exhibits tucked away among the art galleries in Vitacura, like an exhibit by Chilean painter Juan Subercaseaux in the Galería Isabel Aninat from September 28 to October 25 in Vitacura (number 32).

“The idea is to offer a service that already exists in other cities, like London, Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo,” said Pamela Prado, the CNCA visual arts coordinator.

The Visual Arts and New Media Week ran from the last week of September to October 2 this year. The annual event is a celebration of some of Chile’s most famous visual artists, and this year’s program included homages to Roberto Matta, Claudio Bravo, Juan Downey and Gordon Matta-Clark.