Virtual platform created to improve reading comprehension

Academics from Universidad de Santiago de Chile developed a technological package that seeks to facilitate and to improve this practice.


Researchers at Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Usach) have created a technological package targeting the students of municipal schools in particular, which includes a series of virtual elements aimed at improving reading comprehension.

According to Mario López, an academic at the industrial engineering department and general director of the VirtuaLab project “the system known as the Virtual Program for the Creation of Reading Strategies (ePELS) improves reading comprehension through the development of the abilities required and determined by the Chilean Education Ministry.»

The team has also worked on other initiatives in the area of visual technologies. For example, this year it obtained resources from the Chilean Government through the Science and Technology Development Fund (FONDEF).

The idea is to produce a software to facilitate the implementation and execution of a Program to Create Strategies in the creation of texts.

It is hoped that after its systematic and reiterated use, students will develop and improve the skills involved in the creation of texts, such as, for example, structuring comparative paragraphs, cause and effect and the sequence of events.

The system also allows students write news-type reports, narratives and other types of texts using visual techniques that stimulate cognitive abilities. The objective is for students to have the necessary tools once they graduate so they can develop well in the different professions that they might choose.