Wanderlust Chile: yoga, guest speakers, music, and nature

As Wanderlust in Termas de Chillán nears, This is Chile offers one of our readers the opportunity to win tickets to the first day of events.

Making its global debut, Wanderlust Festival is set for the Termas de Chillán in southern Chile this February 15, 16, and 17.  With elements of yoga, guest speakers, music, and nature, Wanderlust promises to offer three days of energy-packed and rejuvenating experiences for its attendees.
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Wanderlust began five years ago and in its short history, festivities have been held in California, Colorado, Vermont, Canada, and now for the first time outside of North America, in Chile.
Attendees should expect, “yoga and talks throughout the day, with music at night,” organizer Mauricio Abud told This is Chile. Plus visitors will be able to take advantage of the rich natural surroundings with, “walks, treks, visiting the volcano and the lakes, bike riding and horseback riding,” Abud described.
The ski-resort Termas de Chillán will host Wanderlust. Termas de Chillán is located to the east of the town of Chillán, which is 250 miles (400 km) south of Santiago along Route 5. Abud described how this spot is ideal for an event like Wanderlust.
“It’s full of oxygen, super green, and has lots of vegetation,” Abud commented. The idea was to, “take people from the city and bring them to a special place with infrastructure to accommodate 1,000 plus people.”
World-renowned yoga instructors will lead open air sessions in all types of yoga and also give talks on an array of new-age subjects.
The evenings will see DJ sets by Chilean DJ Bitman, Flamenco-electro beats from Spanish group Chambao, and a performance by Los Jaivas, staples of Chilean folk-rock, among a swathe of others.
“These artists are both local and international, but all are known for their spirit and connotation of contribution to humanity and to human development,” Abud explained.
Its organizers expect attendees from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Europe and the U.S. and anticipate more than 1,000 participants.
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