What to do if you are looking for somewhere to relax near Santiago

The capital offers places where you can relax year-round, even when the holidays are over

¿Qué hacer si busco relajo en la Región Metropolitana?

We all need, every once in while, a moment of peace and quiet, but sometimes we don’t know how to do it, specially when the holidays are over and you have to go back to the routine. That’s why we’ve made a list of five activities near the Metropolitan region that will help you organize a day off.

El Arrayán Nature Sanctuary
This alternative is perfect for those who love nature, because it involves direct interaction with typical flora and fauna of the area. The waters of the Arrayán estuary contribute with biodiversity, but also with calm that disconnects anyone from the worries of the city. You can bring food and have a picnic, or maybe organise a barbeque with friends, all in an incredible natural environment.

Colina Valley Hot Springs
Located in the Cajón del Maipo, in the middle of the Andes, this place is the favourite for those who seek a moment of peace without worries, but also for those drawn by the healing properties of hot springs. Yes, the water of these hot springs come directly from the San José volcano and it is proven that its temperatures, that fluctuate between the 25 and 55 degrees Celsius, can heal wounds, cleanse the body of toxins and even relieve rheumatic pains.

Café del Museo
In the beautiful Mulate de Gil de Castro square you will find this cafe that stands out for its decoration. On its walls you will see a great variety of paintings, which are for sale. This place is known for being the perfect space to spend an afternoon after a day of work or studies, or even to get some work done with a cup of coffee. The sandwiches and salads are known for being tasty, perfect to accompany your drink.

Puente Ñilhue Park
Many athletes prefer this park to practice and train, but if you are looking for a place to relax, this is perfect too. Cataloged as «Priority Site for the Conservation of Biodiversity», the park is a true gift. If you keep quiet you will hear the birds singing and the peaceful whistle of the wind. Those who are lucky may even see caranchos or the mighty condor. A perfect place if you want to be in touch with nature.

Café 202
Another cafe, but this one is known for its informality. With a particularly graceful staff, and a simple menu that offers coffee, beers and appetizers, as well as music, 202 is a perfect place for those who are looking for somewhere to spend an afternoon with friends in the city.