Where and how to pay bills in Chile

To make life easier, diverse companies have made public service centers and virtual tools available to consumers to pay all bills in a single place.


Paying bills can be synonymous with red tape, endless paperwork, and long lines in each of the companies that provide basic services like water, electricity, gas or telephone. However there are companies and financial institutions in Chile dedicated to collecting the money for these bills so you can avoid all these concerns, delays and waste of time. They are a faster and safer way to keep your payments up to date.

You can pay for electricity, water, gas and many other services in Chilean banks. This can be done using methods like Automatic Bill Payment (PAC) and Electronic Bill Payment (PEC), services that charge the bill to your checking account automatically. Some of the institutions that allow this method are Banco Estado, Banco Edwards Citi,Banco de Chile, Santander, Bci Banco del Desarrollo

Payment Centers
It is also possible to pay all sorts of bills with total confidence and absolutely free of charge in companies like Sencillito and Servipag. The former payment center has over 550 offices across the entire country where customers can pay all types of bills in one go. In addition, it is possible to buy prepay cards, recharge telephones and send money.

For its part, in addition to having customer centersin malls and supermarkets, Servipag also offers the virtual tool Servipag.comto pay bills over the Internet.

This website allows you to organize and pay bills online. Following a simple online registration, the service provider(s) send the digital bill to the website, which notifies users via email. Clients return to the website and choose how and when to pay, as well as through which bank.

You can pay bills from a variety of services like gas, water, TV, telephone and toll roads in the registers of the majority of supermarkets in the country. This can only be done when the bills have not yet expired.

This is a 100% online service that allows you to pay the bills of main domestic services. To do so you just need a credit card. Almost all companies have this form of payment available, which you can consult by entering each company’s website and their online offices.