Wikitour photo contest aims to boost Chilean tourism

Recruiting thousands of eager participants, the Wikitour competition
will build a library of snaps of Chile’s most inspiring locations — all
free to the public!

Following on from hugely successful events last year, one of the leading sites behind open source internet material will launch an ambitious campaign to capture the best landscapes and tourist attractions across Chile.

Wikimedia Chile have organized the Wikitour photo competition to build a bank of free-to-use images online and, of course, further inspire people to travel through the Andean Nation.

The competition runs between April 5 and May 4, during which time any one can enter. The
The best photos will be selected and put to a vote, with prizes such as tablets and iPods up for grabs.

The photos need to be taken in Chile, and presented in a digital form, though they can be taken from an analog device. The photos must be unedited, and most importantly for Wikimedia, each picture must be under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

This will mean that each of the photos can be reused, both within the Wikimedia group and by other websites and blogs, giving the opportunity to further spread some of the most inspiring locations in Chile.

The opening days of the contest saw great enthusiasm, with 500 photos entered in the first three days. A committee will select the best images, then fans will be able to vote through the Wikimedia Chile Facebook page for their favorite.

Voting will close on May 25. The winner will be announced on June 2.

The Chile-specific competition follows on from the worldwide Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest, which ran in the Andean nation between 2012-2013. The contest received praise as a creative way to build up a photographic bank of the most iconic sites in countries across the world.
The winner in Chile was a photo of the “discobolo” outside Estadio Nacional. Better known as “El Pilucho” (The Naked One), the statue represents the stadium itself. The worldwide winner, taken in Switzerland, captured a train crossing the monumental Wiesener Viaduct.

Following on from the success of the event, the Wikimedia community in Chile undertook “Wiki Takes Santiago”— a one day challenge that encouraged users to upload as many photos of historical and important buildings to the Wikimedia Commons platform.

While the key aim of the photo contest is to spread awareness of Chile’s best tourist destinations and culture, another goal is to spread the concept of open knowledge, the idea of sharing content free of charge through Creative Commons platforms.

Photos entered can be of landscapes, heritage locations, Chilean food or traditional games, so get clicking for your opportunity to win a prize!