Wine meets start-up business in the Chilean capital

The latest entrepreneurial effort in Santiago brings Chilean wine, beer and gourmet food to the internet, in a fortuitous pairing with Start-Up Chile graduates.


Three Chilean entrepreneurs are a step away from launching the next big website to sell their country’s wine, beer and gourmet products online, thanks to a push from a pair of Start-Up Chile alums from Portugal.

Chileans Pamela Villablanca – the international director at Andes Wines – along with José Miguel Sotomayor and Maximiliano Morales are heading the new company, which will be launched in collaboration with the online store

The new Andes Wine spin-off represents the type of international, technology-based entrepreneurship that Chile has become famous for in the past few years, earning it the label of “The Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

In this instance, the Chilean entrepreneurial effort is being supported by the two Portuguese entrepreneurs who started Tiagos Matos and Filipe Conçalves, each with a masters degree in software engineering.

Matos and Conçalves came to Chile last year as part of the pilot project of the now-famous Start-Up Chile program. After working the requisite six months in the capital, they decided to abandon their plans to return to Portugal and relocate permanently to Santiago, where they can continue to work shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurs attracted by the Chilean government’s innovative program.

The project with Andes Wine will provide personalized service to online customers looking for some of Chile’s hottest wines, best beers and most delectable gourmet foodstuffs, making use of’s international platform and tri-lingual hosting services in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

“We made up our minds and decided to work with thanks to their vast international experience, as well as the fact that they are well-positioned in Chile, which makes us feel sure that we are working with a leading company in electronic commerce,” said Morales of Andes Wines.