With provocative online celebrity, Chilean twins launch Huntcha

Chile’s Zegers brothers take their online application – fast drawing a reputation as ‘Facebook’s sexiest app’ to a global audience.

YouTube and Facebook both just got a good deal saucier thanks to a pair of Chilean twins and the worldwide launch of their social media application, Huntcha, which is fast being dubbed Facebook’s “sexiest app.”
Cristóbal and Sebastián Zegers released their product to a global audience this month, with a marketing campaign on the video hosting site YouTube, that features Kat Graham, singer, model and star of Vampire Diaries, as well as April Bowlby from the T.V. program “Two and a Half Men” and swimsuit model, Kika.
And the campaign is still gearing up, with the male version still to come.
However despite the raunchy adds, the Chilean duo maintain theirs is not an internet dating site.
“Huntcha is a tool that helps win hearts.” Sebastián told Redorbit. “It’s similar to wearing certain clothes or a special perfume in order to attract the person you like. We have an intuitive feeling that Huntcha is going to take off – we’ve seen how the network seems to touch a nerve among people who hear about it as many create accounts just after learning how it works.”
So how does it work? Simply put, users create a secret list of people with which they would like to be more than just Facebook friends, and if someone on that list also has also listed the user, Huntcha will notify both parties of their mutual admiration.
The website already has a loyal following in Chile, where it was launched in October 2011 and achieved over 20,000 in just its first month.
That success drew the attention of the Chilean government’s business promotion agency, Prochile, which helped the twins relocate to Los Angeles, where they have began building a U.S. and global following.
“Projects like Huntcha reflect the potential of Chilean entrepreneurs to internationalize their innovation and conquer new markets,” said Francisco Correa, Prochile’s Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles.
“Our country is making significant efforts to encourage such initiatives and specifically in the United States we are supporting Chilean entrepreneurs that have proven business models with a high degree of innovation in the areas of Internet, mobile phone applications, videogames, biomedicine, biotechnology and environmental solutions, to name a few,” Correa.