Work of art of French artists in Atacama makes it to Venice Biennale

“Animitas”, the installation created by Christian Boltanski, will be part of the 56th version of one of the most important art institutions of the world.


On October, 2014, the French artist Christian Boltanski inaugurated near the little town of Talabre, Antofagasta region, his work “Animitas”. The installation, cured by Beatriz Bustos, consists of 300 bells brought from different parts of the world and put on top of metallic stems, to which chimes were added so that they chime to the rhythm of the wind that blows in the northern town.

The work was exhibited in Chile’s Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) through streaming during Christian Boltanski’s retrospective, which took place from last year’s October till the beginning of 2015. The exhibition was recognized as the best international exhibition of 2014 by the Art Critics Circle. Similar to the way in which it was first exhibited, “Animitas” will travel to Vienna in the form of a recording registered during a whole day in high definition, which will be projected in the main showroom of the event.

As for the meaning behind the work, Boltanski said to El Mercurio newspaper. “All of my work is related to the cult to the ancestors, which is also practised by the inhabitants of this magical place, in this town in the peaks of Atacama, where today hundreds of bells recreate the music of the dead, the sound of the sky.”

The 56th version of the Venice Biennale will open its doors on May 8th and will count with the participation of more than 136 international artists.

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