Workshop on sustainable construction to teach green architectural techniques in Chile

Green Roofs and Reciprocal Roof Structures are just some of the innovations in sustainable architecture  

Within the growing trend of sustainable construction, a niche known as green architecture is gaining increasing traction. This approach to architecture attempts to be completely environmentally responsible, sustainable and resource-efficient.
Every part of the process, from the design, to the construction, operation,  maintenance,  renovation, the demolition involves close cooperation among the design team, architects and  engineers  in order to ensure the environmental integrity of the building.
Chile now offers an opportunity to learn about green architecture first hand.
Green roofs or rooftop gardens, as the name implies, are specialized roof systems that support vegetation growth on top of buildings. Environmental and climate change concerns have led to increased interest in garden roofs as a means of helping to reduce urban pollution–they are especially useful in cities, or urban centers that have limited growing or green space.
They can be successfully installed in most climates, providing an interesting design option in addition to their clear environmental benefits.
For those who wish to learn more about new possibilities in the field, the workshop “Natural Building, Reciprocal Structures and Green Roofs” provides the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of these innovative techniques.
Víctor A. Soto-Leiva, engineer in sustainability and natural resources and a founder of Reverdeciendo: Centro de Agricultura y Construcción Natural, is offering the three-day course, which intends to take a  hands-on practical approach to green architecture.
In the workshop, students will enjoy hands-on training spanning the entire process of building both a green roof and a reciprocal roof frame–a self-supporting structure that requires no center support.  By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned all the basics and tools needed to construct  similar structures on their own.
Workshop on Natural Construction, Reciprocal Structures and
Dates: June 30th – July 2nd, 2012
Venue: Avenida del Mar 355, Playa el Abanico, Maitencillo, Valparaíso Region, Chile.
Contact:,  tel.   56 – 9 – 87552298
This is an excellent opportunity for eco-friendly builders looking to take a real step towards securing the future health of our planet.