World’s biggest festival for inventors comes to Chile

Make a robotic hand or take a 3D photo of your face at Santiago Mini Maker Faire, a free festival aimed at uniting Latin America’s DIY inventors. 

Homemade robots, cars, and all the craziest inventions on the continent will descend on Santiago this September as the world’s biggest festival of inventors comes to Chile this weekend.

A celebration of “arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset,” Maker Faire is a worldwide phenomenon, organized by Make Magazine.
Flagship Maker Faire events are held in San Mateo, California, Detroit, Michigan, and New York. Events in the United States have drawn exhibitors – or “makers” –  such as Adam Savage, from the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters series, and have displayed inventions including a human-sized Mouse Trap board game and a solar-powered chariot pulled by an Arnold Schwarzenegger robot.
Last year’s event in San Francisco drew over 100,000 attendees.
The magazine also assists independent event organizers in producing Mini Maker Faires, held around the world.
The Santiago Mini Maker Faire was organized by Tiburcio de la Cárcova, entrepreneur and creator of Wanako Games (now the biggest video games developer in Latin America), Atakama Labs, and, a crowdfunding platform for Latin American start-ups.
The idea of the festival is to unite the “family” of inventors and innovators from Latin America in one area in order to share ideas with each other and the general public.
Anyone can present their projects, and already over 40 “makers” from Uruguay, Argentina, México, and Chile have signed up for the event.
When and where
The two-day event will run December 15 and 16, from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. in front of the  Museo de Historia Natural in Parque Quinta Normal.
Entry is free.
Among the more out-there inventions signed up so far is a machine that prints 3D images of faces, and the workshop section will feature a class on building your own robotic hand.
For more information, head to the Santiago Mini Maker Faire website (Spanish).

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