Year-long exhibition offers new perspectives on Chile’s capital

In a historic bar-turned-cultural center in Santiago’s downtown, a new photographer will be displaying their take on the city every month.  

When The New York Times named Santiago the number one place in the world to visit in 2011, a group of local photographers were inspired to hit the streets of the capital in search of new perspectives on their city.
Now, the work is being displayed in heart of the city, in an exhibition called Santiago Fotográfico, organized by the cultural group Fotoespacio. A new photographer will be featuring every month, in the historic Posada del Corregidor (“Magistrates Inn”) until December.
“La Posada is one of the few vestiges of colonial Santiago,” Jaime Morera, photographer and director of Fotoespacio, told La Tercera, “and until the 50s it served as a canteen where poets like Pablo Neruda waited for dawn.”
Every one of the seven photographers searched for their own take on the city
The Santiago that Morera photographed revolves around the neighborhood of San Eugenio, where he captured the old railroad tracks that used to serviced the once important state-run milk factory, and Santa Lucia in the city center.
Photographer María Paz Mellado’s work opened the exhibit, with a premiere on April 27. Mellado spent months perched on rooftops high above the city and on bridges and highway overpasses, always at hunting for the first rays or dying light of day.
“The contours of the city appear much more clearly in the blue hour – the brief instant in which the sun and moon coincide,” Mellado said.
The exhibition’s photographs roam the city – from the Club Hípico, the downtown racetrack, to the colorful adobe houses of Barrio Yungay, always in search of a fresh angle.
“The city grows in curious ways,” said photographer Kurt Petautschnig, whose photographs include the cell phone towers built “under a crucifix, in a church in Peñalolén and behind the statue of the Virgin on San Cristóbal hill.”
The Posada del Corregidor is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm until 6pm. On Saturdays, it is open from 9am to 2pm. Entrance is free.