Young Chilean pioneers a new form of learning English

More than 7.5m people have already visited the free online web-casting channel 123Inglés, created by by a successful student from Chile.


A young student from Chile has attracted more than 7.5m people to his free online web-casting channel – the English-teaching service 123Inglés – with hundreds leaving testimonies of thanks.

“I studied to become a lawyer, but my true calling is teaching,” confesses Maximiliano Lobos, a law student at the Universidad Católica de Chile, in an introductory video to one of his many five minute long courses on the nuances of the English language.

At only 25 years old, he has built his own online empire, which on Jan. 18 reached 7,500,000 hits and has climbed an extra 230,000 in the three days since. His online enterprise is now growing faster than ever, with English courses now offered in the United States, Mexico and Chile, along with a DVD and online course.

Lobos’ YouTube course is virtually complete – consisting of 90 well-categorized short films, with topics covering the basics such as verbs and vocabulary; a spattering of less formal but frequently asked questions such as ‘What’s the difference between how much and how many?’ and ‘The expressions “There is” and “There.”’ Lobos goes further at times, looking into the difference between UK and U.S.A accents, or using other YouTube clips for listening exercises.

“It’s like being in an actual classroom,” he says. Upon hitting the play button, a whiteboard appears, and a smiling, energetic Lobos takes you through your strides with an infectious enthusiasm. “With my method, people learn quickly, saving time and lots of money.”

It was this fresh approach and heady determination that won Lobos the favor of so many Latinos living in North America and around the world, who chose him from amongst the many similar offerings from other like-minded young entrepreneurs.

The 574 comments of thanks left on his YouTube channel testify to the gratitude of his audience. One tells the story of a Mexican woman working in the U.S.A: “Before, I washed dishes. With the help of your channel I was able to get a better job. I thank you for that,” she says.