Young foreigners gain experience working in Chile

Chile is not only an attractive market for Chilean workers. In addition, more and more professionals are coming from abroad to work in Chilean companies. This constitutes an exchange that enriches all concerned.


Sebastian Harasimowicz is German and studied Business and Mathematics at the University of Hamburg. He is currently getting adjusted and gaining knowledge at Intech, a Chilean company specializing in teams that provide gas and instrumentation analysis services. During the six months Sebastian will be working at the company, one of his main tasks will be to increase the client portfolio and seek new representations for German equipment.

Like Sebastian, many young foreign professionals are coming to Chile to work in local small- and medium-sized companies (Pymes). This is a new global trend that is developing strongly and allows the exchange of experiences and learning between all the parties involved.

For Andrés Jara, Executive Director of the Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center EMPRETEC, an institution that together with the AIESEC network of recently graduated university students created the International Internship Program to which Sebastian Harasimowicz applied, “for any Chilean PYME it is a privilege to work with a top-level foreign student at a reasonable cost, because it allows them to incorporate in their companies young people with a different experience and greater familiarity with international markets that aren’t easy to access.”

In turn, professionals who undertake the internship also benefit from the experience, because it allows them to learn how to work in an entrepreneurial environment that is different from the model of their country of origin, broaden their horizons and develop other ways of facing problems and new challenges.

This type of exchange has also been developed for the past three years in Spain, thanks to the MIT-Spain program promoted by PromoMadrid, an institution that is dedicated to increasing the level of internationalization of PYMEs in Madrid. The initiative, which is now into its this third consecutive year, is seen in that country as a wonderful opportunity for small- and medium-sized Spanish companies, because it allows the knowledge and experience of students who participate in the internship to remain in the company and also creates excellent opportunities for future business partners.