Young local photographer captures the best of Chile

Self-taught photographer from Patagonia Annais Ferreira describes her methodology on taking pictures across Chile’s diverse territory.

“What’s marvelous about Chile, is the diversity it has,” young photographer Annais Ferreira said in an interview with Chile.Travel. “Being in the north and seeing all the wonderful colors of the minerals and the desert, or being in the south with the clouds, the cold. Each place invokes a special sensation.”

Ferreira is a young self-taught photographer. She currently gives classes and workshops at the Universidad de Concepción. Born in the Aysén Region of Chilean Patagonia, she first began snapping shots near her home growing up.

“I began taking photos as a hobby when I was about 13 years old,” Ferreira described. “[In Aysén] I found great inspiration, I loved the landscapes and I looked at everything as if it were a picture frame.”

Ferreira has a keen eye and an ability to turn stark and rigid landscapes into nostalgic and inviting ones. In her photographs, which are available for viewing on her Flickr page, Ferreira displays images of Patagonia, Santiago, Concepcíon, and Chile’s northern Coquimbo Region.

The anthropology of photography

Ferreira studied anthropology at her university, and she admitted that her knowledge of this discipline hovers in her thoughts while taking pictures.

“What we do in anthropology is ethnography…describing, observing, and trying to see from profound points of view,” she explained. “In photography, I try to do the same – see from a unique point of view and make descriptions.”

Many photographers attempt to photograph and capture the exotic and the unfamiliar. Ferriera on the other hand has a way of taking unfamiliar people or places and portraying them as if they were our own family or taken in our own backyards.

After all of Ferreira’s travels through Chile and abroad, her favorite place to photograph still remains where she began taking pictures, in Aysén.

“I love the diversity that you can find in Aysén: the glaciers, the woods, the lagoons,” Ferreira said. “There is also that unexplored sensation that leads to a sense of adventure.”

DIY Photography in Santiago

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