YouTube launches local version of internet video site in Chile

Chilean users get the chance to add ‘flavor and color’ to YouTube Chile, with local channels, charts and trending videos.  

YouTube helped underscore the magnitude of the internet’s powers: not only did the internet skyrocket communication technology into the 21st century, it also let us share ground-level breaking news to an international audience. Or find footage of kittens playing the piano.
In Chile, the YouTube revolution helped this long, thin country stay in touch with itself – one of the most-watched Chilean videos in recent years is user-generated footage of the 2010 earthquake in the south, as well as clips from the many local artists in the folk-pop scene.
Now, after years of Chile watching YouTube, YouTube is looking back – the Google subsidiary announced the launch of a new local YouTube site in Chile, which will join the ranks of 40 other countries with local versions around the world.
“Latin America is a melting pot, full of talented and witty people, and Chile is no exception. Traditionally known as a country of poets and wine, Chile is also home to many people coming to YouTube to entertain and be entertained,” wrote the official YouTube blog. “For that and so many other reasons, we’re very excited that now Chile joins the nations with a local version of YouTube.”
The local YouTube version hones the massive cloud of international videos into a finely-pointed blade of side-splitting videos and fascinating footage of current events, with a Chilean focus.
YouTube Chile offers local channels and features trending videos for the area, so you can see the videos that are making waves in Chile – whether you’re already here, planning a trip, or just indulging an office daydream about this far-flung Andean country.
Chile became the fifth country in Latin America to host its own local version of YouTube, following in the wake of its much bigger neighbors of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. But what Chile lacks in sheer population – the South American nation is creeping up on 20 million people, roughly the size of greater Mexico City – it makes up in its diverse and ultra-connected populace.
“Because of its geography,” wrote YouTube, “Chile has varied cultures and customs, and we hope you enjoy seeing how they connect through YouTube.”
From the diversity of the indigenous cultures of the Aymara, Mapuche and Rapa Nui, to the diversity of landscapes, music scenes and culinary flavors, Chile certainly has a lot of different faces to show the world.
“We’re looking forward to see the rich content that will be discovered and shared through YouTube Chile, and hope you enjoy it too. We’ll soon see how YouTube Chile takes flavor and color, like its world-renowned wines the local team is celebrating with right now!” added YouTube.